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25 Year WarrantyFor more than 25 years, Peerless Fence & Supply has been proud to be the exclusive supplier of Copperwood fencing in Chicago. Copperwood, a product known for its beautiful copper color and decades of durability, has great appeal for area backyards, pools, ranches and other properties. As the area’s trusted fence company, Peerless provides Copperwood fences for sale in Chicago with a variety of customization options. You have a choice of picket styles, board styles, post tops and more.

What Is Copperwood Fencing?

Copperwood, a product of Ozark Timber, is a treated wood that’s meant to prevent decay, insect damage and rot. As a testament to its durable design, it comes backed by a 25-year limited warranty. The preservative used to treat Copperwood fences is a non-hazardous substance that’s safe for humans, animals and the environment. Upon installation, the wood is tinted green (evidence of the preservative), but this fades within a month or two as the wood gains the color that explains its name — a beautiful copper tone.

Benefits of Copperwood Fencing

When you’re looking for a durable fence with a copper color, Copperwood is a unique fencing option with a lot of benefits. Whether you are fencing in your backyard or enclosing animals on a farm, this type of wood fencing brings several perks. Consider some of the biggest advantages of Copperwood fencing:

  • Beauty: With its distinct copper color and myriad styles, Copperwood fencing is as much an ornamental fence as it is a privacy fence and a property enclosure. Use it to add aesthetic value to your home or land.
  • Privacy: Made of treated pine, Copperwood creates and/or enhances privacy. It’s a great solution for upgrading a backyard or any part of property where you want to enjoy privacy.
  • Resilience: Treated to prevent decay, insect damage and rot, Copperwood offers timeless beauty that holds up to years of weather damage, bugs and more.
  • 25-Year warranty: Copperwood fences come complete with 25-year limited warranties that guarantee the replacement of any part of the fence that gets rotted or damaged by insects.

Other Places to Use Copperwood Fencing

While the most obvious place to implement Copperwood fencing is at home, these versatile fences find applications in a variety of settings. Consider some of the places that do well with Copperwood fences:

  • Animal enclosures: Whether you’re protecting livestock or creating a private backyard for the family dog, Copperwood is a good fence option for enclosing animals. Animals exposed to it in shelters or watering troughs have experienced no ill effects, which is can’t be said of some other treated and untreated woods.
  • Greenhouses: The petroleum hydrocarbon used to treat Copperwood is a safe material, meaning it poses little to no harm to plants. It has been used with success in various greenhouse applications.

When you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of Copperwood fencing, get in touch with us at Peerless Fence & Supply. As the area’s exclusive Copperwood fence company, we’re happy to answer your questions, set up installation and provide you with an expert Copperwood fence installation in Chicago to complete your property.

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