LEEDPeerless Fence is proud to offer a selection of environmentally friendly products through multiple manufacturers. These brands make it their mission to produce a quality product without leaving a large environmental footprint.

Ameristar Steel – Montage®

  • Produced from 100% domestic steel
  • Produced from steel containing up to 97% recycled content
  • Packaging material contains a minimum of 66% recycled material
  • The coating process used greatly reduces and, in some cases, eliminates emissions of harmful gases into the atmosphere
  • Ameristar consistently monitors air emissions, storm water runoff and wastewater discharge from their factories
  • Ameristar hosts recycle programs for all scrap steel, aluminum, wood, cardboard, plastic, paper and oil products
  • Ameristar developed programs for reduction of energy consumption used in their factories

Ameristar has invested tens of millions of dollars in the areas of technological improvements to reduce energy consumption and overall carbon footprint.

 Click here for more about Ameristar LEED specifications

Vinyl – Bufftech

CertainTeed supports sustainable building and manufacturing practices with its comprehensive line of environmentally friendly fence, railing and decking products.

  • CertainTeed fence, railing and decking products are 99% recyclable.
  • Composite railing is made of 40-75% recycled material.
  • Vinyl fence, railing and decking products contain at least 10% internally recycled materials.
  • CertainTeed’s vinyl fence, railing and decking products feature a minimum 30-year product life and low maintenance, which helps to conserve natural resources.
  • Fence, railing and decking products DO NOT require chemical treatment or painting.
  • All CertainTeed fence, railing and decking products are non-porous and will not mold or rot.
  • The CertainTeed fence, railing and decking manufacturing facility in Buffalo, New York, uses 100% hydropower to operate.
  • The Buffalo plant uses a closed loop water system that saves more than 372,000,000 gallons of water per year. Water used in the manufacturing process is self-contained and reused and is not released into the environment.
  • CertainTeed has a strong recycling program that includes cardboard, paper, oil, metals (i.e. steel and aluminum), plastics and wood.

LEED Project Experience

Our company has many years of experience working on projects with LEED specifications to be met. Our project managers are familiar with the requirements and are armed with the knowhow to meet them. Even if your project isn’t following the formal LEED program requirements, we can help you to still use as many recycled and sustainable materials as possible.

All products used by our company are milled and manufactured in the United States.

Our Suppliers:

  • Trex
  • ActiveYards
  • Merchants Metals
  • Ozark
  • Master Halco
  • SimTek
  • HLH
  • D & D Technologies
  • Barnett Bates Orsogril
  • Pexco
  • Elite
  • Ameristar
  • Bufftech
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