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Chain Link Fencing Fits A Range Of Applications

Chain link fencing is an incredibly versatile material type and is customizable to fit your specific needs. It’s also an affordable, maintenance-free option.

LEEDMade In AmericaBacked by more than 50 years of fencing experience, our family-run company is a solid choice for chain link fence installation in Chicago and the surrounding areas.

Types of Chain Link Fencing

Our Chicago chain link fence company offers three types of chain link to residents and businesses. Our Galvanized After Weaving (GAW) variety is coated in zinc after the weaving process to make sure the entire fence is covered and protected from outdoor elements.

Pick our NatureLink PVC-Coated selection for a fence that is coated with zinc and then a PVC coating that stays in place without deterioration. You can create a “barely there” look by choosing this option in green or black shades.

The third choice is our ArmorLink Aluminized fence that is formed by hot dipping recyclable aluminum over wire with a smooth finish.


Why Choose Chain Link Fencing?

There are certain benefits of working with a chain link fence for your Chicago home or business. It provides a security without obstructing the view beyond your yard. It resists rust and provides a strong and sturdy border to your property. In addition, you don’t have to worry about maintenance with this type of fence, and it is an affordable option.

Also, you can pick different mesh sizes and varying strengths to fit your purposes for the fence. This helps chain link fencing fit various applications, including sporting fields, airports, homes, schools, zoos, and businesses. You can use it to separate one space from another, to keep animals or people confined to a certain area, and to make property secure. 

Discover How Chain Link Fencing Can Benefit Your Property

At Peerless Fence & Supply, we’re happy to discuss how chain link fencing could work for your specific needs and how we could customize the fencing to your property. To talk to a member of our staff and receive an estimate on a chain link fence for your Chicago home, organization or business, contact us at (800) 543-6511.

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