Security Fencing

Many Options, One Goal

With a few adjustments or added materials, any fence, gate or barrier can be adapted to accomodate a higher security feature. For example, a chain link fence can be upgraded with razor ribbon at the top to prevent people from climbing over. Gates can be given high-speed operators to close more quickly in the event an intruder would need to be deterred. Our GateOptions division specializes in such additions and can help you customize your gate to whatever security specifications you need.

  • Razor Ribbon takes an average fence and makes it formidable. Although dangerous to install, our crews are experts in doing so safely.
  • Mini-mesh, when added to any fence type, makes it literally impermeable. It can’t be cut with bolt cutters and can’t be climbed.
  • Crash-barrier Gates & Fencing prevents even the largest of trucks from driving through. Ameristar’s safety add-ons make ordinary fences literally impenetrable, even to high-speed vehicles.
  • High-speed Operators upgrade any gate to one that closes quickly and prevents unwanted entry.

We have extensive experience working with clients in need of high security. These are only a few of the options available to your business. As with any project, our ability to customize to your needs is unmatched.

For more information about our gate operator systems, please see our Gate Options website at

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