Steel-Frame Gates

Dumpster enclosures in Chicago are forced to sustain a lot of wear and tear, which is exactly why finding gates with the finest design and construction is so important. You need a structure that will be durable, resilient, and reliable no matter what it’s put through — and that is why you need Peerless Fence. Backed by more than five decades in the industry, Peerless Fence is the fence company Chicago businesses trust to provide high-quality, long-lasting gates and fences of all kinds. We offer a wide selection, from wooden fences to automated security gates. While our experts can install any type of enclosure you require, we often recommend our steel-frame gate for Chicago for properties that want a perfected option that lasts. Designed after our years of seeing what works and what doesn’t, this structure was specifically made to meet client needs — and we know it will give you years of use.


Quality design is what defines our steel-frame gate, which was conceptualized and designed as a response to client needs. In each gate, the gate frames are made of square steel pipes because we’ve seen how this far outlasts a standard wooden frame. This square-on-square construction prevents any twisting or warping of the gate. Although these photos depict all wooden panels, these gates can be made using nearly any fencing material, including composite product, PVC, and galvanized steel. Indeed, our steel-frame gates can be made to fit whatever specs your project requires.

Special Features

Beyond the square-on-square frame construction (seen best at right), our steel-framed gates also have a handy safety option to prevent danger for your employees. In the event that an individual becomes stuck in the enclosure — for instance, if, on a windy day, both gates closed while an employee was taking out the trash — there is access to the drop rod release lever on both sides of the gate. This prevents anyone from getting trapped inside. The best feature of this gate, however, is its ability to be customized. Instead of cookie-cutter products, we offer customized gates tailored to you. While these gates are most often used for garbage enclosures, they can be used in a variety of other applications, too.

Peerless Fence is the commercial fence company Chicago businesses have relied on for more than 50 years. Since our founding in 1961, we’ve made it our mission to offer a wide selection of fence styles and types in order to accommodate a wide range of needs in the area. Our steel-frame gates, like the other products in our catalog, demonstrate the quality and value that define our business. Are you looking for a fence for your garbage area or another section of your facility? Ready to talk with the premier fence company Chicago customers trust? Contact us today to learn more about installing a steel-frame gate at your location.


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