Composite Fencing

Do you want the look and feel of real wood, without all the added expense and upkeep? Our selection of composite fencing combines the best of both worlds. A sturdy steel core fortifies its exterior, which comes in a rich red cedar color to resemble the appearance and texture of a natural wood fence. The steel core and the composite material also helps protect this composite wood fence against warping, breaking and other wear and tear that might destroy your average enclosure. The model’s attractive design and durable structure make it a versatile option for both home and commercial use. Here are a few places your composite fence will add a pleasant — and practical — touch:

  • Backyards
  • Pool decks
  • Patios
  • Playgrounds
  • Public parks and boat docks

Revolutionary Design

This type of sustainable composite wood design is usually made from post-consumer recycled material that has minimal impact on the environment, and also goes easy on your pocketbook. You’ll save money over time because the sustainable material also requires less maintenance than natural wood fences. You don’t need to shell out cash for posthole diggers or other tools to install these barriers, so that’s another bonus. These are just some of the benefits you’ll experience with composite fencing:

Why it’s great for pool decks

  • Doesn’t warp, splinter or rot
  • No risk of termites
  • Lightweight design
  • UV-resistant finish
  • Mildew resistant

Why it’s great for backyards and patios

  • No need to paint or stain
  • Easy to clean
  • Helps contain pets
  • Easy to install
  • Increased privacy
  • Not treated with chemicals

Customizable Options

Composite fencing lacks the natural limitations of wood fencing because it has often been constructed from recycled wood flour and other less-porous materials. This gives the property owner flexibility when it comes to dressing up the fence with gates and decorative add-ons. Many composite materials are so similar to real wood that homeowners can rev up their saws and routers to tweak the design to fit their style and increase their property’s curb appeal. Some of the different designs and aesthetic modifications include:

  • Privacy fence accents
  • Picket fence posts
  • Locking gates

Reliable Brands

As some of the leading experts in fencing, we carry brands that we’ve come to know and trust. We stand by the quality of Trex composite fencing and decking designs as one of our trusted partners. For nearly two decades, Trex has been a reliable manufacturer of sturdy wood alternatives for residential and commercial use. Trex products are made almost entirely from recycled materials, and are fortified to withstand 130 mph winds, and structural warping or cracking due to high heat or intense cold. 

To get the aesthetic appeal of a natural wood fence without having to deal with water damage, sun damage, splintering and harsh chemical treatments, opt for a composite fence design. The post-consumer materials used in the design are easier to install in a backyard or pool area, or to add an attractive border to an existing playground or business that lasts for years to come.

Our Suppliers:

  • Trex
  • ActiveYards
  • Merchants Metals
  • Ozark
  • Master Halco
  • SimTek
  • HLH
  • D & D Technologies
  • Barnett Bates Orsogril
  • Pexco
  • Elite
  • Ameristar
  • Bufftech
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